Serenity in the Sky

The airplane-taking portion of any trip is the least of my anticipations when traveling. I don’t have a phobia towards flying itself but more of a distaste to the boredom that characterizes being in a small confine space for hours.

Normally decent food and a killer movie makes up for that dullness but if those two amenities fail, I always have my laptop and snuck-in-food to compensate for expectations that I know are never going to be met. Any experience on an airplane is not what it use to be. Soon we’ll be charged for going to the restroom and if they ever do, I’ll still won’t hesitate in using my camera to photograph beautiful tranquil moments like this.

Gazing at this strongly accentuates my never ending fascination with continuing to fly in years to come and capturing moments to better remember each location. Photograph taken with the iPhone 4.