Skater Boy

In the realm of photography, I’m well aware that the term “passionate” gets tossed around a lot very generously. I make use of it more than I would like to admit myself but when it comes to documenting people who for the lack of a better word are “passionately” involved in doing something they love, that’s one of the finest feelings.

Whether you have the opportunity to spend a long period of time with that person or simply a brief moment, the likelihood that in either occasion you’ll catch a vivid glimpse of that person’s personality is pretty high. I’m absolutely terrible with recalling names so I’m ashamed to say that I can’t properly attribute this photograph with who’s in it but I can tell you that I captured a side of him that will always remind me what he loves doing.

If I tried hard enough to obtain his name, I’m don’t think that’ll be a problem since I think stumbling across him at Maria Hernandez park in Bushwick is where I would mostly likely find him again.