"Something About Me" Series, Jackson Heights

Most photographers who’ve I’ve exchanged correspondence with have worked on or are currently cultivating some form of personal project. I have a few which failed to unfold the way I clearly envisioned them and others probably won’t see the light of day but at whatever stage of your photographic journey that you find yourself in, I think there should be a moment where you place your camera aside and think not about how many frames you can take in a year but about how many of those photos embody work that’s challenged you to capture them.

When you ask hobbyist like myself “what would you love to do with your photography”, I’ll admit I haven’t always had a snappy and definitive response. I still struggle with that reply but while I figure it out, I relish the opportunity to kickoff small photo projects that may seem inconsequential to others but utterly valuable to me.

Out of someplace unknown to me, lately I’ve adopted this mindset at which one point I’m going to have to abandoned documenting everything I see and start directing my attention on creating instead. To start thinking more about what I do artistically, the purpose behind it and the drive that jolts me to keep on.

I have several project ideas down the pipeline but putting forth ones that will present me with an extra comfort level with people, with my camera and which ultimately do render personal satisfaction are the ones that interest me at the moment.

In an effort to continue the “Something About Me” series where I ask random strangers to write down something factual which no person would know by simply looking at them, I headed over to what’s become one of my habitual stomping grounds - Jackson Heights, Queens.

Below are the portraits and responses that resulted from my interaction with people who were such a sport for participating.

Feel free to browse through some of the responses I received in Bushwick, Brooklyn.