St. Patrick’s Cathedral

If you’re patient enough to situate yourself in more than one spot within the confines of a block, you can probably get tons of angles from which to photograph the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. I went with a slant viewpoint from the front after photographing in the same spot for 25 minutes.

We’ve attended service only once but frankly my favorite moments to visit has been when it’s been quite and calm inside which is often rare because of what a tourist attraction this landmark is. Some might find the throng of people irritating but my response is that you can’t blame them for wanting to admire the same things you have interest in.

Upon entering, it’s as if you’ve left the city entirely and it’s a feeling of euphoria that cannot be explained. It is absolutely breathtaking and I think everyone should visit at least once and the thought to remember is that you don’t have to necessarily be Catholic to appreciate it all.