St. Sulpice Church in Paris

The church is located in the Saint Germain neighborhood of Paris in the 5th District which was around 40 minutes away via Metro from our hotel. We had up to now visited many of the prominent landmarks which played an integral part in The Da Vinci Code film and the last location on our map was St. Sulpice Church.

If you recall from the film, this is the church were Silas traces the Rose Line to an obelisk, hoping to find a keystone leading to the Holy Grail. Aside from housing some of the finest sculptures, this huge 17th century church is renown for containing the largest organ in the world which you can see in the far top of the photograph. Vanessa and I are inherently early risers when it comes to sightseeing so we can beat the rest of the anxious tourist like ourselves, hence the lack of guest at 8am in the morning when I took this shot.

Low light photographs are generally difficult to pull off when you’re not relying on a tripod to provide you with that steady and detail shot you’re hoping for but I managed to secure one decent one from the 7 that I took.