Starterkick: A Call for Ideas, Not Money

Chris Arnade who I had the pleasure to meet back in March during his Faces of Addiction Exhibit in Brooklyn is asking folks (meaning you) to provide him with ideas which he’ll eventually choose 1 from all the submissions and devote to creating a photo series around it.

Here’s what he’s looking for:

Usually I prefer something (or someone) that deserves attention but is not presently getting it. In the best possible world you will be able to help provide me access. Or not. Maybe you have already done some work but need a photographer to put the project over the top. Maybe it’s a cause you are championing and are looking for more publicity. I will be your photographer for free.

I think it’s an brilliant idea which surprisingly enough I’ve never came across a photographer proposing something such an offer. Just comes to show you yet again how Chris isn’t into photography to gain recognition but to shed light on subjects who don’t necessarily have the platform to tell their side of their life story.