Putting Down in Instagram

The debate over whether iPhone and/or Instagram photos are real photography is stale and pointless. As pointless as whether one needs to use a certain type of camera or lens to make a photo worth looking at.

New Mexico based photographer and writer for Wired.com’s Raw File Blog Jakob Schiller on this whole iPhone/Instagram worthless debate about people who continue to argue that those using said device and service are essentially devaluing photography as a whole because it’s all a “gimmick”.

I really think that the whole reasoning behind people putting down Instagram or this whole iPhone photography trend is because it’s all new and they haven’t really decided whether it sits well or bad with them.

As a final touch to this debate, Jakob adds: “If you don’t want to use these tools, that’s fine…iPhone photography is here to stay.” To that I may add, “build a bridge and get over it.”