Street Artist Lawrence Hosannah with Paper App

What’s attracting about Paper app by FiftyThree is that the creators developed it around the concept of keeping things extremely simple so one could easily begin creating. There is no presence of an overwhelming amount of tools that you need to make sense of before you can even start doodling. In fact, there’s barely a choice of tools which I believe is a good thing.

Rather than Papers being an app stocked with features, instead you get this gorgeous looking app that resembles having an endless amount of fancy digital Moleskine notebooks at your disposal. I’m personally well aware of my inability to draw anything worthy of being shared but I’ve already seen a good amount of amazing stuff being produced with this app. So much that I was really eager to find someone talented who I could hand over my brother’s retina display iPad and Rockfish Stylus to see what they could create using the app while I documented the process.

Lawrence Hosannah Myse with Paper App

Lawrence Hosannah Myse with Paper App

I reached out to street artist/entrepreneur Eli who I’ve kept in contact with ever since photographing at 5Pointz in Long Island City and described to him what I had in mind accomplishing. Within a span of a couple of days, he set me up to meet fellow artist Lawrence who I had coincidently photographed painting a mural during my visit to 5Pointz.

Someone was told me that skills has this distinct ability to make it seem as if you’re talented but in reality, you never really were because you just happen to have worked your ass off refining whatever it is that you willingly do over and over again. As I had mentioned before, I was never any good at drawing. I was one of those people with no talent who took a glimpse at their work and instantly gave up. Then there’s those people who stare at the same work and find ways to improve it. At age 41, Lawrence is the latter.

When I asked him how long he had been drawing, the hesitance to respond quickly while he effortlessly maneuver the stylus to produce lines, shades and shapes that connected and actually made sense conveyed to me he had been at it for a long time with no intentions to stop.

Lawrence Hosannah Myse

Drawing with Paper App

In between him drawing, me documenting his digital strokes from various angles and some good old conversation about life and art, 45-minutes elapsed and he presented me with a final piece which demonstrated to me that a true artist has the natural ability to create a compelling piece of work regardless of the medium. This wasn’t Lawrence’s first time working with a stylus but it certainly was having an iPad as a canvas which towards the end had him strongly considering investing in one based solely on his experience with Paper app.

Art by Lawrence using Paper app by FiftyThree

I’m more than grateful for Lawrence taking some time out of his busy schedule, for allowing me to pick his brain regarding his art and for the opportunity to see a white digital canvas go from bland to what you see above.