Street Photography: Documenting the Human Condition

Chris Weeks is a freelance editorial photographer based in LA. His work is regularly published in Vogue, InStyle, People and Rolling Stones to name a few. He prefers location over shooting in a studio and his personal funded projects revolve around street photography.

Back in 2006 he wrote a very insightful 160-page PDF about Purism and Street Photography which has been downloaded thousands of times. Coincidently, I have it stored on my Dropbox and refer to it regularly from the iPhone. Two years later, over the course of two summers, he enlisted the help of some photography friends and created this wonderful 3-part series which I would say is an extension to the article.

Each video is about 12-minutes long so I suggest setting aside some time and fully watching it. They talk about the preference of using a rangefinder over a dSLR for street photography. The money quote for me on one of them is:

The task of the artist is not to alter the world as the eye sees it into a state of aesthetic reality but to perceive the aesthetic reality within the actual world and to make an undisturbed and faithful record of the instance.”

Thanks Justin for directing me towards this inspiring work.