Stumps Among Many

My dad loves fishing and growing up I never once had to pretend likewise. Despite the instances where we walked away with unwelcome tans, sore arms and empty fish buckets, the experience itself was enough to justify doing it all over again the following weekend.

It took a while to eventually convince him to purchase a fishing license. I don’t think it was due to the price of it because the sum of his fishing equipment alone could have amassed him with more licenses than anyone would ever need. Perhaps it was the task of having spend some time filling out paperwork. Whatever the case might have been, the perspective that made him ultimately obtain it was in describing my relation with photography.

Do I own expensive gear? I do. Do I regret investing in it? I don’t. Do I brag about having them more than I use them? I don’t. Do I generate any money with the time I spend photographing? Not really. Do I love what I do as far as the craft? Absolutely. My dad is captivated with fishing as I am with photography and the fact that we have spent a little more money on tools that allow us to do what we do doesn’t matter too much because it’s not like what we own is going to waste since we’re utilizing the heck out of it.

Eventually I learned that my dad simply didn’t want to dish out the money for the fishing license and somehow preferred to run the risk of getting a ticket by doing without one. The moral of the story is that if you love doing something so much, what’s the point of getting too obsessed with the price of tools if by having them, they will grant you the satisfaction of continuing doing what you enjoy so much.

This morning my dad and I headed out around Riis Park in Rockaway, Queens for some fishing and this time legally.