Styling Portrait in Time Square

It was challenging for me at first but I dare you to visit a prominent place in your town with intentions to photograph but avoid the urge to capture sights that anyone would already anticipate you bringing back.

I’ve walked around Time Square on more occasions that I can recall and the inherent excitement which once existed for visiting touristy places like this as a photographer was no longer appealing to me. There was now a lack of interest on my part to recreate and contribute to the growing postcard-like images we’ve all seen before. For that very reason, I sort of discontinued visiting Time Square and any distinguished landmark you can think of that we have here in New York.

On this particular visit, I really didn’t have much time to roam freely as I would normally do when doing street photography but I knew I didn’t want to leave this bustling place without a portrait of someone. Eventually it was Cheng’s unique sense of fashion that drew my attention all the way from his clothes to his camera of choice (Panasonic Lumix GF-1). He was visiting New York with his father from China. After a quick conversation about appreciating his style, he was more than willing to agree to allow me to take a portrait when I asked him. We exchanged emails so I could send him a copy of the final shot and the rest is history. I’m more likely to remember this visit to Time Square than the countless others I’ve made.