Sun Fall Silhouettes

For what I believe helps result with more interesting photographs is shooting from various angles and perspectives. If you’re on the street, I realize that kneeling down amidst a crowded sidewalk as pedestrian curiously look back while they walk around you is not the ideal approach for keeping a stealthily profile but it’s something I do a lot. The lower the better although you also have to consider that the angle you choose will have a big impact on the final image.

I think good photographs are generally aways about the complexity of the subject but also about how well we as photographers are able to communicate what we see by transporting you to where we were standing. On this evening, the sun was beginning to set quickly which meant less of a chance to capture the type of sharp candid portraits I had in mind.

In terms of ambient light, I had to work with what I had so I noticed this dark dramatic silhouette that kept producing in front of me as people kept walking by at a certain spot on the sidewalk. At that point, I gave into my natural inclination to kneel down and the rest is history. Talk about not having to work much for a moment other than being vigilant for when it’s happening.