Syma S107 RC Helicopter First Impressions

I’ve read and seen enough Youtube videos to know there’s a steep learning curve for understanding how to properly maneuvering an RC helicopter and yet it’s a hobby I’ve always admired from afar. As a newbie, splurging on a large gas-powered one is obviously not the best choice because of the higher cost, so the next best thing was a battery-powered one.

I’ve seen mini gyro helicopters being sold at kiosk in the mall where the salesperson is flying it around and landing it easily on the palm of their hand so as to give the impression that they’re extremely easy to operate. I’ve wanted one for myself but the $40 price tag has kept me away from it until I found the exact same model (Syma S107) on Amazon for $20. I decided to give it a try knowing that it is a toy but one that I can utilizing as a platform before moving on to anything remotely bigger.

S107G Mini Helicopter

Once received, I didn’t bother charging it. I immediately loaded the controller with 6 AA batteries and gave it a whirl. Average charging time is around 45min whether from the actual remote control or via USB cable that connects to the computer. Flight time last about 6-7 minutes which quite honestly is not a whole lot but enough to establish a sense for how easy or complicated it can be to get it off the ground.

S107G Mini Helicopter

The toy is very robust and has survived many crashes with no significant damage. It is very stable in the air and responds very quickly to the controls with no lag thanks to its inbuilt gyroscope and rigid construction.

Flying it is unlike controlling an RC car. Once you take off your fingers off the throttle, the helicopter comes to a halt and drops. There’s a lot of continuous adjusting involved to keep it hovering it as well. Once you get the hang of keeping a consistent height with it, you’ve mastered the most difficult part.

S107G Mini Helicopter

With a bit of practice you’ll be able to fly circuits around the house. It’s an excellent value for the price. The little toy has already piqued my interest towards more high caliber RC helicopters that I’ve began drooling over a few already at the local hobby shop.

If you’re considering a larger RC helicopter, get one like this to learn the basics first. Each model will operate differently, but one of the biggest challenges for newbies like me is getting acclimated to the orientation which I did in matter of minutes. This has been the best example video I’ve found give you a taste of the S107G mini helicopter in flight.