Talking to People on the Subway

A member at We Are Change described the astonishing fact that over 1.1 million people ride the New York City subways every day and despite the coalescing of many cultures, people rarely ever talk to each other. “There’s no human interaction, there’s no humanity, there’s no life” and so he ventured out one day and sparked conversations with random commuters.

How is this relevant to photography? Well, lately I’ve been reading extensively on the work of many photographers, specifically humanitarian ones and I’ve recognized that photographing things and places is stunning but I have my heart more seriously in exploring people with my camera.

I don’t think this short documentary would have been the least bit compelling had it simply showed you what it’s like commuting via New York subways but the fact that it revolved around examining into the lives of people - that’s what catapulted it to 200,000 plus views and counting.

As photographers, we’re the kind of people who can’t imagine not having a camera with us because of fear of stumbling upon something so great that the authentic experience of an event wouldn’t be enough to say that we lived through it unless it’s captured.

I know nothing about India other than it’s on my list of destinations to visit but I can already get a concept of what to expect by admiring these beautiful portraits by Ross Mytton taken on the streets of Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Jaipur. They say the best way to get to know a place is through their food and undoubtedly their people.