The 6 Secrets to a Successful Photo Project

There’s a certain level of privilege in photography that I believe is very strong and profound. Just as we take viewers to places they’ve never been to by simply sharing photographs of locations we’ve visited, there’s also stories to be told about people who in many instances cannot tell it themselves.

I’m not saying that every single photographer has the responsiblity to carry others’ stories but from experience, it’s an undeniable fact that by doing so, you start learning more about yourself, about how being a photographer is less about you and quite frankly there’s this moment where you feel that you can’t help the need to seek for untold stories either from a place, a person or a group of people. This is where photo projects come into play and the folks are Photoshelter have an in-depth article about putting together a successful one.

Above everything else, the money quote for me is:

“Pick a subject matter that you are passionate about. That passion is going to really, really, really drive you out there to photograph. If you’re not passionate about it, you’re probably not going to get out the door and spend a lot of time working on it.”

I’m currently working a project that I’ve only talked about and I’m finally getting the traction I’ve needed to get it going. In the times we live in now, we generally expect everything to be so instant and there’s hardly any patience to want to wait for anything to slowly unfold and so needless to say that I’m taking my time on this. After all, it’s something that I’m doing on my spare time and so I don’t feel any pressure to do it half-ass.