The Capitol Building

You may not necessarily be a history buff but the core reason to visit Washington DC is for you to walk away having received at least a brief lessen in American History by touring museums, memorials and monuments.

My wife and I made the 4hr drive down from New York because prior to that, her familiarity with anything in this small-big city was based off books and movies and not necessarily on a first hand experience. I’ve read it’s one of the must see places in the U.S and while the same is said about London or Paris, for some reason I’m more inclined to want to go abroad to enrich myself with foreign history than to appreciate the one we have in the states. Sounds uncanny but it’s true.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the long evening walks, the quaint affluent neighborhoods and also visiting most of the Smithsonian Museum which there was an added incentive to do so since admission is free of charge. As for the Capitol Building, I was in dire need to explore it as much as a tourist could since I was in a mission to recreate scenes from Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.