The Duomo in Florence, Italy

If photographs really do capture your soul, certainly no one left Florence with theirs still intact.

Our official introduction to anything truly Italian was through our arrival at this beautiful historic city. It was our first port of call on a 7 day tour onboard a 12-day Mediterranean cruise. As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of the conveniences of cruises is the ability to see a lot more places in a short amount of time but along with that comes the inability to fully explore a location as much as you would love.

Aside from the inflated tour prices onboard the cruise, we generally don’t book any excursions but in this case, we had no choice. The last thing you would want is to get lost somewhere unfamiliar but the experience you get by exploring everything on your own as oppose to being on a tight schedule is dissimilar.

Because our memories are unique, most of us want our photographs to demonstrate that. We don’t want to sift through our albums, tangible or digital, and feel it’s the exact same as our neighbor’s who happen to be there by chance and not because they had genuine interest in what they saw.

Perhaps having a much more wide-angle lens would have gratified me more with this photograph but I wasn’t too acquainted with at the moment and I had just purchased the Nikon D90 and you don’t realized how much differently you would have taken a photograph until you’re miles away from where it was captured.