The Flatiron Building

It’s surely no Empire State building but another great example of the diverse New York architecture in the city has to be the Flatiron building. From up front, it indeed resembles an iron and when looked at from a different angle, the building is nearly flat. I read somewhere that this particular form was determined by the unusually shaped plot of land on which it was built, during the late 20’s.

You’ll also mostly likely recognize the landmark from its cameos in a variety of films and television shows. Most notably it’s starring role in the Spider-Man trilogy.

This was one of the initial photographs I took when I purchased the Canon G11 which I eventually sold months later to purchase the 85mm f/1.8 for the D90. Overall experience with the camera was satisfying especially with the comfort of having a small solid built camera that’s not intimidating to whip out when opportunity called.

I shot entirely on Aperture Priority mode, used RAW format and appreciated how entertaining it was using the swivel screen to capture those unconventional angle shots or just photographing tourist without knowing them knowing the lens was pointing at them.

Despite the camera being classified as a point-and-shoot, it’s definitely in the high-end section of the category and it has all the features to keep you occupied in making adjustments to photos which make you feel like you’re operating a dSLR.