The Importance of Questions

I’m not at a point in my life where I envision myself leaving the company I work for and venture out to make it as a full-time photographer but in the mean time I continue to pursue the craft with serious enthusiasm and respect . At the moment, whether you’re a casual photographer or a semi-pro, before you can even consider taking the next leap, at some point you have to put down the camera and seriously think about the type of photographer you want to be.

Mark Olwick talks about the importance of asking yourself questions and having read through them, I must say that I didn’t have answers to all of them which is fine at the level that I’m in but it’s the thinking that’s critical. See how many you can answer:

  • What would you be photographing? (hint: If your answer is “travel around the world and take photos, that’s not specific enough. Photographing sights? Getty already has millions of photographs of sights. What will make your photographs/subjects different?)
  • What would a typical day look like? (don’t romanticize this – throw in some cranky magazine editors/gallery owners/clients)
  • Where would your work be shown?
  • How will you continue to grow?
  • How will you make money to keep this lifestyle going?
  • How will you make people aware of your photographs?

Again, if you have difficulty answering any of them, it’s ok. The point is not to dissuade you from pursuing what you love but to enlighten you on what to consider if you want to make more of it.