The New iPad: Still Not For Me

I can’t say I was disappointed with the new iPad in spite of not owning one. I figured there would be zero prospect for even disliking it as I walked into the Apple store yesterday, especially since the retina screen alone has elevated what was already cool into something that’s become even more of a helluva classy gadget.

The "New iPad"

It’s sleek, shiny, it still has those endless smooth edges. You know what I’m talking about. It’s virtually like every other Apple device. It has that high-level of design goodness we’ve all come to drool over and yet I left the store still convinced that the iPad is still not for me.

This might be a bold statement but as far as the economics are involved, I don’t think anybody needs an iPad. Maybe there are those people that do but I think the desire to have one is just that. It’s a want. It’s not a grave necessity like food but it’s certainly a device we all think is good to own even if we’re aware it may not be a viable option to our computing experience and that’s what it comes down to for me.

The "New iPad"

We still have the 1st generation iPad that lays pleasantly around the house. I surprised Vanessa with the 64GB Wi-Fi only model during the period when she was in the market for a laptop that she could call her own. I didn’t mind her helping herself to my MacBook Pro but there were instances when the impulse to want to use it clashed because there was one computer and 2 people vying for it.

The "New iPad"

Like most typical personal computer users, my wife only cared about surfing the web, checking email, downloading some tunes and the occasional game playing. To a certain extent, I kinda do the same with the inclusion of managing RAW files in Lightroom and devoting some time to writing for this site but that’s what my MacBook Pro is for.

The iPad is like a piece of expensive candy for me. I like it occasionally but not enough to commit buying it because I know it’s not something I’m going to crave getting my hands more than twice a week. If I ever do crave for it, I’ll ask my wife to lend me hers and that’s that.

I don’t regret having purchased it when it first came out because my wife uses it extensively but for me, 95% of the time I’m likely to reach for my iPhone to respond to emails, surf the web, catch up on queued Instapaper articles or go through my RSS.

Yes, there are those off chances that I borrow it to lay in bed and watch videos on the iPad’s bigger screen and wade through Flipboard but neither of those diversions are enough to warrant buying an iPad for myself.

The "New iPad"

To elaborate more, I think the iPad is without question a revolutionary device and it may very well be the future of computing but I still prefer the comfort of being at my desk with my laptop doing everything you could practically still accomplish on the iPad.

The only 2 Apple products that I care for strongly are my MacBook Pro and iPhone. Everything else I can live without including the AppleTV.

I honestly wish I could have that kind of open affair with the iPad like every other proud owner has had with theirs but I think I’ve simply become enamored with the concept of saying we have one in the house but with little meaningful moments to recall and acknowledge that it’s an indispensable tool for me.

My brother sold his 64GB 1st generation iPad to a co-worker and used the money to buy himself a 32GB Wi-Fi only “new” iPad which is what I’ve been tinkering with. This is one of those moments where I take pleasure in seeing other people very excited with a recent purchase rather than having an iota of envy for not having one of whatever it is they bought. In this case, the “new” iPad.