The Openness of Lake George

Consider this photograph the high-res version of the one I shared on Instagram while still physically kneeling down on this very dock at Lake George a couple days ago. Since we’ve returned from our 4.5hr drive upstate, I’ve yet to fully sift through all the photographs I took which is very unusual for me to do since I’m the anxious type to want to see the output of what’s been shot.

I’m taking my time as if I’ve dropped off a roll of film at the nearest Costco and haven’t pushed myself to pick it up with the exception of this print. It’s been well established tradition for the entire family to visit Lake George every Summer but this particular getaway happened to be more noteworthy than the rest because it was our son Evan’s first visit. We didn’t do any fishing or any boat riding around the lake itself this time but the aspect and combination of being around one and being apart from a bustling city like New York was mentally refreshing.

I took the 85mm 1.8 with me but it never left the camera bag. I shot with the 50mm throughout the entire 4 days and never did I feel that I needed a zoom lens on those occasions that might have been vital to have one like on this dock. The less you have, the more you’re compelled to get creative in capturing what draws your attention.