The Past 5 Days

Moving is not like a 1-day holiday that you can easily mark off your calendar with a pen as if it’s something you no longer have to deal with once you’ve settled at your destination.

We were told by close friend that depending on the size of the house, we’re unlikely to see and enjoy our new home for what it is for at least 2 weeks after because the unpacking is just as brutal as seeing stacks of labeled boxes dispersed around empty rooms that you wish would magically occupied themselves with everything you brought along.

Photograph of Prints laying around the house 

Buying a home is not like turning a page onto a new chapter. It’s more akin to picking up an entirely different book that may seem esoteric at first but which you’ll eventually grasp the language and feel proud that you’ve chosen to learn it.

These past 5 days after work been spent straightening around the controlled disarray that we have in the new house. The whole concept of being a home owner hasn’t fully sunk in yet and on days that I find myself second guessing our decision, the feeling completely erases when seeing my wife cuddling with our 7-month old baby either in his own room or our bed. If being a parent hasn’t change you in a positive way, then I hate to say that you’re probably doing it wrong.

When you’re growing up, things like living on your own, holding a job, having kids and buying a home are characteristics that represented an adult life. I celebrated my 30th birthday on Superbowl Sunday and as every year goes by and things in my life change for the better, I’m trying to recall when was the last time I actually felt my age.

With the exception of my iPhone, the D90 hasn’t seen the light in a couple days. I’m eager to get back to wondering aimlessly with the camera on the streets, to work on photography projects, to continue my normal routine of writing and most importantly, to enjoy this new place I call home with my family.