The Purpose to Travel

This might come as a late reaction but as I sat back one evening enjoying a warm cup of coffee and looking over some of my photographs, I realized that I love to travel. What sweetens this craze is having a wife that equally enjoys these same enlightening experiences, the meeting of inspirational people and the sure feeling that we’ll learn and grow as a person with each trip. 

As a photographer you become more curious and active in your environment with these escapes. Traveling in a sense furthers our understanding at the expense of fear and being able to step outside the comfort zone that always relaxes us, should bring with it focus, solace and substance to our lives.

It Should Change You

Traveling doesn’t end when you come off the plane and while your friends and family may see you the same, I always envision the moment you set foot on that tarmac as a metamorphosis that started when you booked the trip.

Without question having an interest in photography gives you an added excuse to want to take a trip. Stu Maschwitz from ProLost was once asked to to describe how he thinks about photography and his response is one I’ve yet to ever forget -

The mere fact of being at the Eiffel Tower is not enough reason to make a photo, but the challenge of finding the light and the moment that help capture exactly how I feel at the Eiffel Tower is what makes photography endlessly rewarding to me.

Mask ShoppingMy wife and I shopping for a Venetian Mask for a party onboard the cruise.

When we visited Venice, I unquestionable had so many anecdotes to share back home along with photographs to reinforce the excitement of being in such a surreal setting. But in reality, any story or carefully crafted photograph you took of something at least 8 times will never measure up to how breath-taking anything was because the negatives to those photographs are in our memories which are never going to signify as much to anyone else as they do to us.

I love flipping through my passport and seeing stamps from different countries branded haphazardly. Traveling indeed means different things to different people and it’s not to say that everyone’s approach needs to be same but for me the best travels have been both exciting and educative. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Our life is pretty much both structured and limited to our cultural surroundings. For some, that’s all they care to be familiar with even if that means being in the beautiful town of Dubrovnik surrounded by the city walls and opting to eat McDonald’s for lunch rather than a local cuisine such as spit-roasted lamb. To each it’s own but I just don’t get that. Of all the places we’ve visited, I cannot once recall a time ever considering something to eat that I could get back home unless it was infused and served with local flavoring.

Delicious MusselsDelicious mussels as part of my lunch in Dubrovnik.

Next time you take a trip, consider yourself a cultural lint brush. The more you saturate yourself with the turf and people of the places you vacation, the more it will make your visits enriching and memories long-lasting and only then will you be able to say that you’ve traveled in the full sense of the word.

I enjoy self-indulgence and contentment as much as the next person but if it gets in the way of all the features that makes a place unique, then you instantly destroy the premise and effort you made in traveling someplace new in the first place.

VaticanVisiting Vatican City in Rome. Even more impressive in person.

Diapers & Cradles

This past October, my wife and the whole family took our last big getaway for the moment because we’re about to embark on our biggest one yet as we’re expecting our first newborn.

As for all the traveling we did, by no means do we live opulent lives but through hard work and strategic planning we’ve been able to appreciate the diversity and beauty that exist in other places of the world which in return has made me a better person and hopefully a good father.