The Stems

Until I can muster the courage or even justify the purchase of a full-fledge macro lens for the D90, a while back I chose to invest on the Raynox DCR-250 macro conversion lens for the Canon G11 instead. It’s not as nearly as expensive as you may think it is based on how exceptional the results are from it.

On the G11, I had to first purchase the A & C Base from Lensmate so the Raynox could snap easily onto the adaptor. It’s small, lightweight, sharp and although I’ll admit that you’ll have to be very exact in your distant with your subject so that you obtain a proper focus, you’ll still be ecstatic with your photographs with this lens because it didn’t leave a hole in your pocket.

My wife has worked hard on her garden in the backyard and the least that she ask me to do is to water them. For shots like this, I’ll do whatever she ask me to do to it.