The Streets of Paris

At this point, I can’t think of anything I haven’t said about how incredible Paris is during the Summer other than to state that it can be quite the opposite experience during the Winter season. It’s extremely cold, so surviving that arctic temperatures is all about what you wear and what you put into your body to sustain as much warmth as humanly possible.

We visited during the month of January and in that week, I had never consumed as much hot chocolate or coffee as I did to stay warm as we walked the somber streets from our hotel to the Metro. As for the beverages, the good part about the cafés we visited was that they were all clever enough to invest on outdoor heaters but you had to wonder how mad you have to be to drink anything outside.

Call me old fashion but I have a soft spot for warm places and if you’re willing to explore a city that is nevertheless captivating during anything time of the year (but much cheaper in the winter), then be my guest and think about what you’ll see and not so much about what you’ll have to endure to appreciate it.