The Westbeth Balconies

The Apple Store on 14th St is by far the fastest one I can pay a visit to so I headed over today to fiddle with the iPhone 4s that are on display. I won’t be upgrading until the end of February 2012 because I refuse to pay $425 for it now. In the mean time, I’ll have the vicarious thrill knowing that my wife will be receiving the White 16GB version I ordered for her.

As I was leaving the store, I unexpectedly recalled a photograph Duncan Davidson had taken around the Meat Packing District, specifically inside the courtyard of the Westbeth Artist’s Housing project. Following a quick Google Map search and a 12 minute walk from where I was, I suddenly found myself staring up at the distinctive semicircular balconies in the courtyard.

From what I’ve heard of the place, the buildings are nearly 120 years old, the bricks are crumbling, the plumbing is archaic and yet the location is likely to gain city-landmark status very soon.

I rarely photograph with the 18-105mm kits lens but since I don’t own anything at the moment that would allow me to shoot as wide, I had no choice but to resort to it. A wider lens or perhaps even a fisheye would have delivered even more interesting results.