Timing Magic Hour

I’ve been utilizing an app called Magic Hour which does exactly what the title suggest. It essentially calculates when the next magic hour will occur based on ones location. I have it set to notify 10mins before the start so it’ll give me able time to at least reach for my camera or iPhone and find a spot that takes advantage of this time of day when the light is considered to be at its best. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing app but it serves it’s purpose.

I have the inherent habit to wake up early even while on vacation and the fact that we had the marina 1 block away from the cottages we were staying at while in Rhode Island was an added incentive to run towards a setting that’s practically unconventional to admire in Brooklyn or at least from where we live.

I well aware that I have a penchant for photographing people more than I do landscapes but I think I would be close-minded if I dismissed the opportunity to capture a scenery this beautiful simply because I don’t necessarily specialize in this particular type of photography. If you see something that completely appeals to you, one will tend to forget about whether people will associate that photo as being yours simply because it’s not a subject matter they identifies with what you normally shoot.

Andrew Zimmern’s mantra is that “if something looks good, eat it.” The same goes with photography. “If something looks good, shoot it.”