Touring Coney Island Never Gets Old

The purpose with the photograph is to provide you a glimpse of what a beautiful day it was walking on a Wednesday afternoon in Coney Island. Based on my amount of visits and the photographs I’ve already published, I can’t possibly think of anything that I haven’t mentioned about this place other than recognizing that I have an obsession with it. It’s the same old style fairground every year, blended with a rundown boardwalk yet perhaps with one of the best people watching opportunities available anywhere.

With each visit, I’ve yet to actually stand in any of the long lines to mount a ride but I think if that’s all I did, overtime the experience would become monotonous for me and yet even though the process of walking around with a camera is just a repetitive, that for me never gets old. The experience of a ride may always be the same but the days of discovering something new with your camera is endless.