Town of Zacatecoluca

What can I say about El Salvador? It’s small, it’s beautiful and it’s a country known for its war-torn past although that’s not what describes it today. It’s also a place I refer to as my second home after having lived there for 5 years with my grandparents in a town called Zacatecoluca.

Every year since the age of 8, my parents would send my brother and I for the entire summer. With each visit, our attraction for the way of life, the culture and unfamiliar settings that we might have missed the previous year grew stronger that we one day asked our parents if we could live abroad for a year.

You can imagine how unsettling it was for a parent to hear their kids asking them such a question but I think the thought process behind my parent’s decision to accept was that there’s many kids who know more about the latest video games than they do about their heritage.

When you visit a place, you’re likely to know more about the destination from the people you see than they attractions you visit. I have friends who were born in El Salvador that now live in the states and I happen to know more about the culture they they do. Granted I spent 5 years of my life amongst the locals but it was my interest in learning about my parents were born that awarded my the knowledge and not the books they gave us in school to read.

Anything electronic was and still is expensive, so one year I asked my parents if they could send me a digital camera. Couples weeks later I receive a Canon A80  which is what I utilized to take this photograph of the town we lived in. That in the background is a volcano by the way. The fear of having lived close to one eventually goes away.