Troy Bradford, Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a historical gem known for its shipbuilding and this weekend a dozen of artist opened their studios with the intent for the public to catch a rare glimpse of their work setting as well as their artistic creation. First off, I was completely unaware that this 250-acre industrial park housed over 240 tenants who are either artist, manufactures or even movie producers.

It absolutely looks like an amazing place to work especially if you esteem for having a completely isolated working environment one day among dilapidated buildings with incredible rooftop access to some amazing views of Manhattan while enjoying the industrial wonderland that drapes the area itself.

I walked away having met some very talented artist with Pamela Talese being among one of them but I also came across fellow photographers who were as spellbound for the opportunity to tour freely in a place that was described by tenants to be extremely close guarded as far as anyone being allowed to enter unless they have a place of business at the Navy Yard or are visiting to perform business. With that in mind, I took my time to take in as much as I could with the setting as well as a few people.

I noticed a group of photographers all shooting with distinct Polaroid cameras which I later found out they were part of a photo walk being led by 2 members of the Impossible ProjectTroy was among one of the photographers and after a brief chat about his gear and his work, he was kind enough to oblige when I asked him for a portrait.