Tych Panel: The Ultimate Photoshop Tool

On occasions when I want to tell a story with photographs from a different perspective, I oftentimes refer to using diptychs, which are essentially a collection of closely related images arranged side by side and I accomplish this within Lightroom by using a Preset I had put together.

But then there are some more elaborate multi-panel layouts that I generally see wedding photographers utilize to showcase their work and as much I admire it, there’s no way I would devote that much time to manually composing all these images together the way they do in what I assume is Photoshop, unless you download this very useful Photoshop Plug-in called Tych Panel that I came across.

Rather than try to explain what it does, I suggest you watch the video to see how easy it is to use and to top it all off, it’s free. I do like it but I wish there would be a Preset that would achieve the same results but within Lightroom instead.