Unexpected Colorful Building

There’s a peacefulness about standing at a corner street waiting. You can be perfectly uninterrupted and compassionless yet never really alone because you have a world that’s happening around. Instead you can choose to stay still and be a professional observer which to me describes what it’s like being any type of photographer.

I don’t generally like to me depicted as the “guy with the camera” but when you carry one that’s easily detectable, people who’ll see you will either want to be part of what you’re making or smile cautiously and walk the other way. I’ve talked before about overcoming the fear of photographing strangers and although it’s worked, there’s time I don’t follow those rules I’ve set for myself and I just pretending I’m photographing something and pan back to the subject without them being aware.

The one instant where I intended to direct my attention back to a subject, I hesitated longer because what I was pretending to photograph attracted me more than the subject itself while exploring Chinatown in New York.