Vanessa and the Baby Bump

When it comes to content on your site, sometimes you never know how personal to get with it because there’s the assumption very few will care on anything you might have to say with material that falls outside your norm but for the past 8 months, the unique and pleasant sight of my wife’s pregnancy has been among the most special moments in my life and it’s difficult to disregard that.

As much we all have ongoing responsibilities in our lives, it’s true when people say that when you’re expecting, 90% of your time and thoughts are directed towards that growing bump and everything else becomes trivial. For me, the other 10% of my time is spent working, curating this site and keeping occupied with self-assignments that continue to challenge me as a photographer.

As far as my photography, I don’t have anything figured out and I merely have a faint idea of the type of photographer I want to be but when it comes to retaining moments, I’ll take full advantage of the enthusiasm I already have for the craft and use it to highlight significant events in my life.

Maternity Stage

The Baby Bump

It was 7pm, the sun was still glimmering in spite of how late it seemed and right before we even considered getting comfortable to have dinner, I persuaded Vanessa to take a walk down this unfrequented alleyway in our neighborhood for some quick shots. There’s not a day where I don’t ask her how her work day was and it was pleasant having that same conversation on the street where it almost took her mine off me wanting to photograph her because the consensus is that regardless of how happy a woman might be in becoming a mother, being photographed can be very self-conscious.

I love my wife, I love my unborn son and as a photographer, I enjoy the perception friends have of me in that if something significant transpires in my life and they weren’t able to be part of it, they can always depend on me having photographed it to share it afterwards. I don’t want to be like the elder Rose character in the film Titanic by James Cameron where the most vivid memories she has of the time she spent with Jack live only in her memory since there was no record or photograph ever found to verify that he even existed.

Maternity Stage