Venetian Canals

It may seem rather bold to say but when visiting Venice, don’t anticipate taking any photograph that other countless tourist haven’t thought of already. For uncommon photographic opportunities, local ambience and quite frankly even affordable meals, I recommend you wander through the back alleys of neighborhoods that you might have no idea where they’ll ultimately take you but just realize that the ratio of people who have chosen to do something similar is far less and so anything that stems from this excursion is likely to result with a unique experience of the place. It’s what Vanessa and I did during the whole 2 days that we walked aimlessly around the city.

Also, during our honeymoon, as we traveled from one European city to another, I quickly picked up this habit of browsing gift shops for the sake of scrutinizing their collection of postcards and get an idea for the type of shots I wanted to veer from taking. Consider this act as your time for doing research. There’s nothing worse than finding out after the fact that you’ve missed the opportunity to photograph something amazing because you didn’t know what to look for.

A prevalent element of the city that I rarely saw in postcards were photographs highlighting the narrowness of the canals and the intensity of the sun light that seemed to beam everyday. A lot of people talk about all the unnecessary materialist things that would buy if they won the lottery one day and yet actual things would be the last thought on my mind because I rather invest on experiences such as visiting Venice once again.