Vintage Camera Prints by Jeremy Slagle

One of the countless hallmarks of moving into our new home in comparison to where we lived was that this time, we were fortunate to gain an extra space separate from everything else which I could decorate and arrange as a home office.

 Camera prints for the home office

Because of the baby, I wouldn’t say I’m spending an inordinate amount of time sequestered in the room but on the brief instances that I am, I wanted to at least walk into a space that included details that would inspire me or at least call attention to what I enjoy doing on my spare time such as anything related to photography or travel. I haven’t dedicated too much time to sprucing up the room yet but the first step I took in the process was having ordered, received and hung these impressive 8x10 silk-screen printed illustrations by Jeremy Slagle based on vintage film cameras collected from garage sales and flea markets around Ohio. They are printed on acid-free archival stock—which means the artwork won’t fade or yellow.

For $39 bucks, you get four 8x10 prints that you receive as one piece which you’re then required to cut into the 4 individuals ones. I followed the perforated holes on the poster to separate each print and when I was done, I noticed the prints seemed a little too large for them to fit into the 8x10 frames I had purchased and I was right. To remedy that I ended up having to cut 1 inch around the print for it to eventually fit properly. Had I not chosen to trimmed the edges, I assume the print would have fit perfectly in an 11x14 frame and not necessarily an 8x10.

Apart from the minor adjustments I was compelled to make, I’m beyond satisfied with how remarkable the vintage camera prints turned out above the desk. I loved the frame arrangement Jeremy used as an example that I ended up out replicating it. If you’re an admirer of vintage cameras or if you know someone that is, I highly recommend you snag yourself an order of these prints.