Walking Away from Vatican City

I felt dizzy when we arrived. Perhaps the sudden change of temperature from an air-conditioned tour bus to an 85 degree heat wave in that massive plaza that I instantly recognize from Angels & Demons had something to do with it but regardless of how exhausted or how sweaty we might have been, we were still deliriously happy to be standing in St. Peter’s Square.

We’d been taken to the many other well-known landmarks across Rome but the anticipation leading to visiting Vatican City was as great as everything we ate. I have to believe that because we were in Italy, everything you can possibly see and eat had to be unquestionably good and if you thought otherwise, then you were just wasting your time not appreciating the remarkable culture and history around us.

I don’t say I’ve seen all of Rome but I’ve seen enough to convince me to want to visit the place again. In instances like this, you almost have to just experience being in a place without over thinking what is the best way to tell a story either with your writing or your camera. Let the adventure accumulate to a point where what you shoot or say is based off on what you know so far and not just driven by sheer novelty of being in a new setting.

Generally when I arrive at new place, that instant urge to photograph doesn’t set in until I’ve at least walked the area a bit. It’s like sipping a great wine. You pour a small amount to admire the aroma before getting wasted with the rest of it. I like to take my time shooting and it’s a characteristic that drives my wife crazy because she’s more of a shoot and keep it moving person. This was the last photograph I took in St. Peter’s Square as I walked backwards not wanting to turn away from a place I didn’t have enough time to examine.