Walking the Plank

There’s a freshness to this chilly morning on the fringes of Beach Lake. One that’s almost unheard of in New York. The type where take a deep breath and it purifies your lungs, your body and when you exhale, you can almost catch sight of any stress or worry puffing out as thick as the dense fog that hovers over the lake. As a last getaway before we welcome baby Evan in July, we packed the SUVs and drove up to Pine Grove Cottages nestled in the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania for 4 days of quality family time.

I have this eerie feeling towards lakes. I’m not necessarily afraid of open water but when you see this amount of it wrapped by pure calmness in films, it’s usually a precursor of something bigger to come. I could see this red dock from the 2 bedroom cabin we’re renting. In fact, it’s the first detail of the lake I noticed when I drew the shades to our bedroom window. I also noticed that the closer I am to the window, the higher the reception to the owner’s unlocked Wi-Fi connection, hence this brief posting.

My dad and I are huge fishing fanatics so a huge selling point in choosing this place was in having direct access not just the lake but to small boats which we’ve paddled endlessly in search of primes spots with hopes of catching anything. So far the entire atmosphere of the place has been as tranquil as the waters in this photograph. An added bonus to the serenity has been the subtle showers throughout the night.