Washington Monument Obelisk

Currently in existence today, there’s 3 major obelisk in the world and 2 of them are located in the United States. The first major one was constructed in St.Peter’s Square in Rome and it’s said that it’s placed in a way where every Pope who addresses any crowd in the square must face the obelisk as well. I take pleasure in saying that I had the opportunity to photograph it while we visited Rome.

The second obelisk was brought from Egypt in 1881 and placed in Central Park in New York. I’ve passed it on several occasions while bike riding and if your curiosity was as big as mine to visit it, it’s located directly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art once you enter the park.

The third obelisk is no other than the Washington Monument in DC which was built to commemorate our 1st president who happen to be a Freemason. According to Masonic tradition, it’s said that the symbolism behind the monument was to show that the country was controlled by Freemasonry since the beginning and if you take the time to study the details of this landmark, you’ll noticed that it has Freemasonry stamped all over it.

I have friends who are completely obsessed with all this Freemasonry conspiracies and my curiosity for it peaked after reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol along with the rest of his books.