Water Works in Flushing Meadow

The advantage of having a penchant for taking casual portraits of people on the streets is that it completely obliterates that thought that you need to travel any farther than your own neighborhood because unless you’ve opted to situate yourself in some forsaken setting, it’s likely you’re going to encounter people everywhere you go.

Sometimes you have to hustle to get a “yes” from one single person out of 5 but there’s a satisfaction that comes from knowing that the image you’re walking away with wasn’t just there for the taking. If I can’t walk away with at least 1 portrait of a person from a location I’ve visited, I feel I didn’t try my best to capture the essence of what this particular place has to offer.

On this occasion, Angel spotted me strolling with camera in hand circling the Unisphere foraging for photo opportunities and I wasn’t going to turn down the chance he gave me to capture him enjoying a carefree Thursday on one of the hottest summers we’ve had in New York. In exchange for his time, all he wanted was a copy of the photo so he could share on Facebook. The deal was made.