Weight on the Shoulders

I’m certain this prominent monument at Rockefeller Center has been photographed a million times but until now, I wasn’t able to include myself in that large pool. As a resident, we don’t visit these tourist attractions as much as one would think but I happen to be in the vicinity today with my camera as always and I learned something new about this Atlas Statue which is situated directly in front of the St.Patrick’s Cathedral.

There was a Rockefeller Center history tour taking place and my objective was to photograph and leave but I purposely lurked a bit to overhear the tour guide talking about the sculpture. What I learned was that from the front like in this photo, the statue comes across as aggressive with his muscular arms wide open holding the weight of the world as if he’s fed up with it and about to lunge towards the street.

Take a walk behind and you’ll notice a completely opposite demeanor. His head is bowed and he appears to be kneeling in reverence towards the cathedral. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph it from behind myself but it was impressive to see the difference between both viewings.