What It Looks Like Inside Amazon.com

You’re probably scratching your head thinking what’s makes a few photographs of endless amount of boxes so fascinating. Perhaps not much but I wasn’t so much analyzing the cardboard but more the actual environment in which it’s seen.

From a photographer’s perspective, my intrigue for these images stem from being representative of 2 essential ingredients that photojournalist Alex Garcia spoke about with regard to what makes a photo a contest-winning one. These shots are filled to the brim with both access and intimacy.

I shop on Amazon all the time and to see what it’s like inside their facilities is the type of behind-the-scene knowledge not everyone is previewed to and that right there is what makes these photographs so compelling. Perhaps anyone can photograph the exterior of this Amazon fulfillment center in Swansea, Wales but it takes a high level of access and intimacy to gain permission to show us what’s behind those walls.

In addition to demonstrating your technical proficiency for using a camera with your photos, try to think about how much access and intimacy you can instill in your work as well because the presence and combination of those 2 elements is what can sometimes make a photograph even more noteworthy. (via Shawn Blanc)