What You Don't Publish, Defines Your Site

Blogging very much like photographing is difficult in that you can’t help avoid the feel of guilt when you go days without publishing anything. The reality is that you have to love the process of either writing or photographing and the whole idea of sharing valued information to be able to sustain a place online that people will want to come back to and along with that comes the process of selecting content that you yourself would feel comfortable reading or seeing.

I photograph more than I upload to Flickr and the reason some of the photos taken stay in my Lightroom catalog for days and months without anyone else seeing them is because if I don’t feel strong about an image, what makes me think that someone else will. It’s very similar to the idea that you have to believe in your own product before trying to sell it to the public.

So while the terrible feel of guilt may come over you for not blogging or photographing as much as you would like to, Dosh Dosh has an compelling perspective on the concept that if you don’t feel that you have anything interesting to share, it’s ok.

What you do not publish will define your site. The absence of specific content positions your site against another competitor and allows it to develop an identity among others. By controlling what is published, you can influence how you want to be perceived.

Absolutely excellent advise for both bloggers and photographers. Imagine how much distinguished your work will be if you stay away from the participation of the online echo chamber that’s easy to get caught up in. The hardest part of blogging and photographing is resisting the urge to write about everything and photograph everything but apparently what you do or do not share will still say something about you.