While in Rome

It’s nearly impossible to see everything you want in Rome. We were somewhat limited by our tour and if I had to reduce our experience to an analogy, I would say it was comparable to having waved a delicious piece of prime steak to my dog to later explain that the objective was for her to see it and not to eat it.

Despite the limitation of a day, we did see most major landmarks such as the Roman Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, etc and the tour was certainly a beautiful introduction to what Italy has to offer. You’re previewed to enough that you begin formulating mental notes of the places that interest you the most and justify flying back out to learn more about them.

I took this photograph at a gift shop near the Vatican as we waited for our tour bus to pick us up. My wife and I have this fixation of buying refrigerator magnets of every place we visit and to this day, the tradition continues and we’re running out of room.