Why Instagram Is So Popular: Quality, Audience, & Constraints

I’ve been wanting to piece together some thoughts about Instagram for some time now, largely because it’s the one app I use extensively and if the ability to distinguish severe indentations on the icon were possible at all, you would unquestionably notice them. As far as content, I had no intentions to add to the litany of published articles trying to explain what the app is and how do go about using it because quite frankly that would be the equivalence of me telling you where to drive your car to. That’s totally up to you. You choose your own route.

At this point, what hasn’t been said about the app and just as I was wrapping the scattered notes on how influential the service has been to me as a photographer, I come across an article written by Nate Bolts over at Techcrunch describing exactly what the driving force behind my article was. He says:

Knowing millions of people are creating with roughly the same camera and app as you makes it exciting creatively. So constraints, combined with quality and an audience are what makes Instagram so addictive.”

Of course he goes on and elaborates more on why everyone seems to have adopted the service as quickly as they’ve done with Twitter and Facebook. I love that in the most mundane moments in life, I have this urge to want to find something worth looking at and sharing. I don’t think that’s a direct result of Instagram, it’s more the photographer in me but it certainly helps having tools that make you want to stay curious.