Why Photoblogs are Boring

Nitsa’s opinion on photoblogs:

Unlike photography blogs, photoblogs typically don’t share information, advice or ideas, but instead display their beautiful photos which is really nice of them, but after seeing a few of these photos it just becomes a little boring.

Running a photoblog for me has become an added motivation to continue photographing. One aspect I intended to veer away from in having a site like this was for it to not just become a storehouse of my work where one hopes for praises to pour in but to feel that I can provide something other than eye-candy.

Just because we own a camera doesn’t mean we take or even like taking photographs but for those that do it, it’s because they want to and have interest in sharing what they know with people who are willing to listen.

I personally don’t subscribe to any photoblogs perhaps for the same reasons that Nitsa described so I can’t expect people to make the exception for me unless I give them a reason to.

Photographs are a clear depiction of our experiences and while I’ve made an effort to illustrate that in my work, one of the biggest challenges is not caving into the stereotype that seems to exist about photoblogs.

What makes my photoblog different? I don’t think it has anything to do with how often I update it but a part of me likes to think that the elaborate captions in the photographs, the general writing or the sites I link to are the type of extra stuff that surprise those who are just expecting photographs from a site that depicts itself as simply a photoblog. People expect one thing but in the end get more.