Wood & Faulk: Documentation of Style and Craft

I’ve always been fascinated with both the narratives and end products from people who meticulously craft things with their bare hands. I personally work for a company who are highly recognized for hand-making every single item they sell.

It takes time for artisans to accomplish what they do and although the products generally result with a relatively high price point in comparison to goods that are mass produced, people sometimes fail to understand that they’re not just paying for what they can see and touch but for the distinct craftsmanship that went into creating it. Case and point the fine folks at Hardgraft.

Matt from Wood & Faulk also happens to be one of these exceptional individuals. He’s been a builder, designer and tinkerer for quite some time now and I absolutely love how he continuously manages to document and share with amazing photographs what he builds in his 103-year old little shop in the back of his house in Portland, Oregon.

Among my personal favorite products are: