Protesting in Union Square

In the process of selecting a few photographs to include on a physical portfolio I’m loosely putting together, I kept coming back to this particular photo taken during a protest that I happen to unavoidably walk Union Square. Judging by the numorous posters and chants, it was very obvious what the cause behind the rally was and while others might have done their best to avoid being in the middle of it all, I surely wasn’t one of them.

I generally have no problem going into specifics about a photograph but this is the type of image that I don’t feel it needs that much explanation but I’m sharing it on it’s own because it’s representative of the day I discovered I had such a deep interest for photographing people rather than things and places. It’s not as easy as it appears because not everyone is always receptive to having their photo taken and it comes down to you either making them very comfortable with your presence or doing it very secretly. In this case, I chose the latter.