You're a photographer when...

I’m a member of the Nikon D90 Group on Flickr and there’s was a thread started where subcribers were asked to respond to the statement “you are a photographer when…” There’s 2 pages worth of responses so far and I selected my favorite 10. What makes these special is that are very easily applicable to me and you’ll find yourself smiling because you’ll see yourself in them as well.

  1. People expect you to take pictures at every event you attend and they expect you to do it for free.
  2. You change the light bulbs in your bedroom to get a better white balance.
  3. You get up at 5:45 AM when on vacation and then come back and sleep until just before sunset.
  4. When your camera gear is worth more then your car.
  5. When going on a trip you pack your camera bag 2 days before the suitcase and always leave space for the tripod.
  6. You look at photos and wonder what their ISO, f-stop, and shutter were and if they used flash or not.
  7. When you wake up at 5am on a day off and can’t sleep because of all the beutiful light going to waste.
  8. When no one in the family recognizes you without a black box in front of your face.
  9. When you take good shot and in a hurry to upload on Flickr so that you get comments from your friends and contacts.
  10. You are a photographer when ….you buy a camera.