I honestly want to encourage you to stop talking about being a photographer for a little while, pick up your damn camera, and go be a photographer for awhile. Find a personal project to work on…Do something unique. Do something difficult. Do something really different then what you’ve done before.

I can’t tell you that I have all this photography thing I do figured out and I’m not necessarily referring to the technical aspect of it. I’m alluding to everything else that one has the liberty to do with this piece of equipment. In the grand scheme of things, if up to this point you haven’t realize that personal projects are the quintessential backbone to any photography work you could potentially produce, then I highly suggest you heed Zack Arias’ advice. I love taking photos for the heck of it but anytime I can immerse myself into a project, that in itself brings greater satisfaction to me. Case and point with the 116th Festival Portraits in East Harlem.